Tuesday, April 3, 2012


WOW! It looks like you can finally letter beautiful Copperplate or Spencerian with a fountain pen!

It is a
SWAN 4500 Noodle Pen

You get beautiful thick & thins with just a slight adjustment in pressure...looks kinda like a brush marker but it has a thin metal tongue on the end to get the very fine hairlines & rubber instead of felt - I believe they're made in England.

Watch it beautifully demonstrated here by


 I WANT A SWAN 4500 NOODLE PEN FOR CHRISTMAS, or my birthday which is only 4 months away...should get here by then, right?!!!


Fatma said...


I came across your blog when I was searching for calligraphy classes in Edmonton. My sister, 20, lives in Edmonton, goes to UofA and is very interested in calligraphy. This would be my birthday present for her from across the world (I am in Turkey). I really really appreciate if you could suggest any courses or workshops for calligraphy. My e-mail address is mdfatma@gmail.com

Thank you

FAB letters said...

The best gift ever would be a membership to the EDMONTON CALLIGRAPHIC SOCIETY @$40 a year; so much going on at our meeting/programs 1st Thursday of the month Sept-May.

Check our Facebook site
for pics of the fun we have at meetings & some of the classes. Not much left for courses til fall, which will be listed soon, but check


Hope this helps!