Friday, March 16, 2012

Watercolour brush pieces

Well, i'm back! now that i've actually done some calligraphy lately, & am getting over my winter funk - already 1/2 the front lawn is bare from snow, & it's not even spring!

3 pieces!
I took a class from Barb Close from California

She was up teaching 2 classes for

In the Painting For Words, we worked with watercolour backgrounds. Fun stuff. I didn't finish the lettering for all of them in class, but here are the 3 completed ones. i missed out on her day of Brush Lettering but figured i'd do my best & used 3 different types of brushes on these pieces; a watercolour 'round' on "Fly", a waterbrush for "Colour", and a Pentel Brush for "Dream".

Checkout ECS's Facebook page @!/groups/151228041582552/ which is where all the workshop photos go.
Go where YOUR dream takes YOU!


nadia said...

francie beautiful work as always! love the second one! wondering where you had been...ciao!

Gail said...

Oh, Francie! Good for you! They're ALL lovely!