Friday, May 4, 2012

June Social

The Edmonton Calligraphic Society meets the 1st Thursday of the month from Sept-June at the Southminster/Steinhauer Church from 6:30-9. We keep the meetings short so that there's always time for a hands-on program, & are always looking for new members of any age.
Check out our Facebook site for the best pics of our monthly goings-on and what's created at our workshops.

In December & June we have a social instead, which is open to members of the guild & their invited guests.
You would not believe how wild & crazy our Social Committee gets preparing for these, and THIS year the theme is Pass Da Pizza Pardee & we're gonna go Italian potluck, eh?

Barbarino she did up da pizza invite....she'sa gotta da talent for Italics, no?

Our committee is so popular we now have Wendy G, Barb K, Nadia MK, Deb L & me, with Jeanine moving on to the presidency (but she's still coming up with ideas!)

Nadia actually speaks da language, & Deborello & Jeano are our tuff guys; dey gonna giva youa da hamma sanawhich!
Wendino, she'sa da godfather.
I'ma da goofball, Franchesca; I forgetta how you spella FAMIGLIA!

We gonna be wearing a greena, whide & redda, da colors of  da Italian flagga, & who knowsa, maybe grow a mustache or 2, eh?
We gonna hava da bigga surprises, wid da raffles. It's a gonna be one bigga famiglia...dese Italianos dey really knowa how ta pardee!


nadia said...

tu sei pazza! ciao!

FAB letters said...

ok, smartypants, what does "tu sei pazza!" mean?