Friday, November 28, 2008

Crazy calligrapher...I mean calligraPHY

I'm back! Ok, not sure WHERE I went, but it wasn't all that much fun.
The Art Muse LEFT the building, even if I didn't. Literally, my other 1/2's car tranny cratered so he's been using my car. Hate being housebound, but on the positive side, 'cause I dislike going out after supper anyway, HE had to get groceries on his way home!

Unfortunately, because of other circumstances, I also had to cancel the Kersals course I was supposed to teach in Edmonton this month. I am sorry about that. Calligraphers are an especially forgiving species, thank you!

ART STUFF; I actually entered & remained in the studio today AND finished this wedding piece.
For something totally different, I used my new Pan Pastels
(Thanks for the birthday gift, Mom!) and did all the outlining with a bright copper gel pen. With pan pastels you need to use a fine pointy sponge to tap the color on. Check out

The monoline names at the bottom are 4 mm tall (less than 1/4") so you can imagine my frustrationkeepingthecoloroutsidetheletters but withinthehorizontallines.
Then tried erasing the pastel that went over the lines & inside counterspaces. After an hour getting nowhere I thought "Why don't I try out that eraser shield that came with the Ames Lettering Guide I got 35 years ago?"

It's a small piece of thin tin with a bunch of different shapes cut out. Draftspeople use it for erasing lead pencil marks. Layed the shield on the paper with the open shape on top of whatever tiny similar shaped area needed erasing, then wiggled or patted a kneaded eraser on the opening. Keep kneading the eraser & the color disappears. See all the size possibilities? Works like a dam_!

So the J & S are a little wild, but my cousin that got married is in her late 30's, so she must have a sense of humour, right? And they've been together for a while, so it's not like she's desperate.
You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, Mom.

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Sue said...

Welcome back Francie.
Don't those Kersals look just fantastic on darl paper! Wonderful, exciting and contemporary. I'm not surprised they loved it.

Love Sue (Poppie) in the cold and snowy UK