Saturday, December 13, 2008

greetings for the season

It's that time of year...less than 2 weeks til Christmas when the quote gets down-sized to just one word to calligraph, and the hand made cards get reduced to bookmarks (no inner message necessary), THEN the bookmarks with fancy yarn become bookmarks with just a fold over top. This year the Christmas greetings will become "seasonal" as in sometime this winter for those on the mailing list, and I shall enjoy a relaxing guilt-free time doing puzzles with the yule logs burning in the fireplace...real logs really burning; none of that energy efficient fake crap here. Well, we did replace all the Christmas lights with LED's. And for the 2nd year in a row have not bought any new Christmas wrap or bows. But we're thinking we might put up the fake tree with the fake lights today, with only 1/2 the month left that'll cut down on the energy draw!
(Oh, and that one word? I did spend 2 days on it, haha!
Thank you Thomas Hoyer, for the flourishing class.)
I do hope you enjoy YOUR winter season, and if you don't get to spend it with loved ones, remember them in that special place in your heart!

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Anonymous said...

I am in search of a calligrapher to do a poem that my wife wrote honoring her diseased mother. Do you know of anyone in Edmonton who may help me?? kayne 780-999-6376

I cannot find anyone right now...