Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kersals from Kids

Check this out.
These are samples from a youth group. Various ages; I believe 12 & up.
ECS member Gail, a retired teacher & student of mine, taught them a pared down version of Kersals over a period of just a few hours. (After checking with me for permission; Thanks, Gail.) Gail showed them a few basics then just let them go at it.

Kids are so amazingly creative.
They don't hold back.
They don't show fear.

I think
we have to
remind ourselves sometimes that when taking a workshop:

Not to expect perfection from ourselves. The classroom is an unusual setting & we won't create as we might in a quieter, more comfortable setting.

Why worry that our classwork isn't up to par with others (or even what we perceive others expectations of our work should be)? The stages we're at in our calligraphic journey are distinctly unique to US.

We all learn in different ways; "it" may come to us when we take time to review and if it's a letter style, it will definitely require practise.

    Take notes if you need to in class, but really when the situation calls for it (this is ART, after all) just let go and have fun.
    Explore. Experiment. See what happens. Be a kid again!
    (Now that's definitely a lesson I need to remind myself!)
    I'll be teaching Kersals again for ECS on Nov.8 & 9th. It's been a while so expect some changes & be prepared to play!
    p.s. The Edmonton Calligraphic Website is temporarily under...undergoing a change of servers, if that makes any sense...or something.


Laurie said...

way to go Gail! Let us know when you can come and play with US Francie!

Sue said...

WOW Gail... they are fantastic! The kids obvously had a good teacher!

Sue (Poppie) Simpson