Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monogram for Wedding

Here's a wedding monogram I did with the initials of the bride & groom. The original was quite large, lettered in black ink on Pentalic Paper For Pens, an extremely smooth bright white paper ideal for reproduction; the initials lettered with a large brass tool; 1/4" Techniquill. After playing with flourishes using a pencil and layers of tracing paper over the monogram until finding something that worked, I inked the flourishes onto the
original using a Pointed Pen Nib. I found by turning the paper I was able to create the thicker swells in a greater variety of places.

Having taken Thomas Hoyer's class on flourishing since then, I can now see 3 areas that could be improved. Can you find them?


nadia said...

beautiful francie! I wish I would have had your talent when I did my wedding stuff! hey, I am getting remarried in feb....hmmm

Kurt said...

Wow, nice job Mom! This reminds me of pinstriping: http://www.pinheadlounge.com/selectportfolio.php

Love Kurt