Friday, March 27, 2009

Here's to SISTERS! and unfinished projects

Yep, it's finally done. My 1st and probably last fabric piece. You know, the one I blogged about a year or 2 back? I handed "SISTERS" over to my big (wh0's getting smaller by the week) sis for her recovery period, so that must mean it really is finished, although now while resizing the pics I see there's an area across the bottom that could use something...maybe very light in color as the eye needs a place to rest. I've got it; that whole canvas at the bottom could be fringed. What do you think?

I also forgot to add the poem's author, so that I could write just above the blue cord.
Remember this original, before I decided to write the complete lyrics? I know, too bad I covered it all up. Thanks again to Lisa Engelbrecht of California who taught this to the Edmonton Calligraphic Society
Yay Sharon, for getting rid of all the crap & seriously tackling that awful *!x#*!!#xx** word. (EXERCISE)
Personally, I think I'll just down another couple Tylenol 4's before I step out to pick up the mail... it seems to be working quite well these days.


Gail Fournier said...

Oh, my goodness! I wish I were your sister so I could get that BEAUTIFUL tribute! What a loving gift to Sharon (my first name, actually!). How did you do the letters for your names? They are STUNNING!! You certainly are a gem, Francie!

FAB letters said...

Thank you, Sharon "Gwen"! :)
I believe I used a 1/2" Techniquill. That's the brand name. It's a very sturdy brass pen.
Also liquid acrylic ink.

Yogi said...

fabulous piece. Turned out really nice. Yup Lisa is a fabulous teacher and artist. Loved her classes. Mine are still hanging in my art room after 2 years.