Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Wedding Project

My cousin Danielle & Greg wanted their wedding stationery to
somehow incorporate the season without being too Christmassy. In Toronto there could be snow on the ground or still remnants of the colorful autumn leaves. Their colors were plum purple, bronze, green and brown. I did the lettering and artwork, emailed it to them, and they took care of the paper choice, printing & assembly.
After a couple attempts it finally came to me that with 3 D's and 2G's to their names a monogram could work as a decorative feature. The illustrations are a nod to the season as well as the fact that Greg owns his own landscaping company.
They had a rubber stamp made of the monogram which they thermal embossed for the invitation cover and reduced above the date on the back of their ceremonial program. Now they'll be able to use their stamp on Thank-You cards or whatever they choose.
Congratulations cousins!

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