Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Love on the eighth

I thought June was the month for weddings, but in my studio it's carried on into July and August.
On the left is a card for Sheri & Ian, whose wedding date will be 08-08-08!
I created the word LOVE in Kersals and photocopied it on various white papers. This particular one is 80lb Silk Text. Then I took watercolor pencils and water to it to add a little color, cut the word out, glued the back with a glue stick, and used the rubber roller to smooth it onto the card. Then used a pointed nib & ink to finish the flourishes & write their names.

The vellum envelope is shown with then without the card inside. The envelope is decorated primarily with my own carved letter stamps. The smallest lettering for their street and city are stamps I bought at Michaels-$1.50 for each alphabet! In the bin near the cashiers.
They're so cute!
the stamps, not the bins, or the cashiers.

Happy day, Sheri & Ian!

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