Monday, May 5, 2008

Star Book for Gillian

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14 days since my last post and I'm still knee deep in the Phenomenal Woman pieces, hence the lack of posts. So, dug in my files and found this star book; Gillian was born a few years ago in Qatar, and I had the BEST time creating a baby book commemorating the event. A star book is basically an accordian book of 5 folds with the front & back tied together for display. They're usually 3 layers. The front outer layer (shortest) of the building silhouette, is Tyvek paper with Walnut Ink and a copper metallic rubbed in. Same with the covers. That paper is rip free; necessary for the tiny openings to survive repeated openings (of the book). The draft was figured out on 1/8" grid paper. The middle layer is a golden brown Thai handmade paper, but the artwork's not mine.

I "google imaged" for camels, then "borrowed" them. They were photocopied & placed image down on the Thai paper & rubbed with oil-free nail polish remover, which transferred the image. I wet the paper with a brush to be able to tear bits away. The back inner layer (longest) has walnut ink letters in Legende style on "marble" (looks more like clouds to me) card stock.

The whole thing stands about 6" tall.
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Gail F. said...

Hey, Francie, I would love to take a class in making a star book! It's VERY cute! Please let me be the first one to sign up. :) Gail F.