Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

OK, took a little break there from the blog, but look what I did over Christmas!
Marv & I were off to Van to see the boy over Christmas & I needed something to do besides chew my fingernails while Marv was driving (his driving is actually pretty good & it was I who drove us into the ditch one dark blowing night on the Coquihalla) SO I made
Paper Name Snowflakes!

Lotsa fun. Did one up for all Dale's roomies in the mansion, his girlfriend and even the cat Charlie.
Can you pick out the names Adrianna, Shane & Karl on the pic below?

I had a nice Happy New Year snowflake all ready to post, but the man has done something with the connections so no scan tonight.

What you need for a 6 sided snowflake is a 30 degree triangle. Cut mine from a file folder. Any photocopy paper will do for the snowflake. Vellum won't work...rubbing the fold with your fingernail causes the folded edge to become a torn edge. I also thought Tyvek would be great 'cause it doesn't tear, but it's too thick & the layers that tyvek is made with create all kinds of scratchy looking edges.

Fold a square piece of paper in half, then half again, then line up the 30 degree triangle to create 3 more folds. Draw up your name in your sketchbook 1st to decide where each letter should connect to the next. A block letter style like Neuland works great. Erase the connecting lines. After folding the paper, pencil the
name on one triangular section.
Use cuticle scissors to cut out the unnecessary bits. Be sure to leave bits of paper all over the house when you get up!

You can iron your paper snowflakes to flatten them out when you're done, but if you use a steam iron, flip the snowflake over 1st or you'll get all kinds of gunk all over your nice white snowflake. The voice of experience.

All about snowflakes
for the most amazing photographs of real honest-to-god snowflakes like you won't believe!

For some great patterns & what to do with them once you've made them, c
heck out

We'll be making paper name snowflakes at the January 10 meeting of the Edmonton Calligraphic Society.

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Anonymous said...

Francie-- your snowflakes are amazing, your blog is amazing, and I am pretty amazed at myself too that I have taken so long to get around to spending time with your blog!