Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Let us share this holiday wish of love and peace to all!

I really enjoyed creating this year's card & except for a few dollars spent at the copy shop & $ store, it's all recycled materials; using 16" strips of card stock compliments of Taylor Printing and a circular Mandala that I'd painted for an ATC exchange.

COVER: I decided to take advantage of my new Score-It-Board by making as many folds as I could (also so the card would stand up)... 80 cards, 6 fold scores each -just a couple hours. The best part? No measuring! After scoring & before folding I placed a tuna tin on each end to cut a circular shape around the edges.
The original mandala? Sketched one "pie", traced it for the remaining sections of the circle,
added color with watercolor pencils, watered it in, & outlined letters with black Sharpie marker.

TP color copied the 8" original to produce 20 (2" diameter) up on one page!, then I had a few reduced even more for the pie "peace". Glued the 2" mandala on right hand section of card stock,
between the cut circular edge & the fold, leaving 1/4" space. Cut closely around left half of the mandala so the front left cover would slide between the cut parts, which is what holds it in place when standing/closed. Pressed a 1/2" translucent colored raised adhesive-backed circle (?) to the center of the mandala to add a little shine.
Glued smaller pie "peace" to the left side.

Expressive, huh? Created using a Pilot Parallel pen,
with the knowledge gained from Denis Brown's Developing Expression in Calligraphy course.
Glued peace piece on. Scanned it, placed 3 up in a Word Doc, printed, cut into 3 strips.The plan was to use our printer to print this directly onto white Unryu paper (kinda filmy, fibrous, looks handmade, also free from Kim Fjordbotten at The Paint Spot, Edmonton).
I even folded the top edge over a plain sheet 1st. Didn't work, so just used plain white copy paper.

THE ATTACHMENT: Placed inner message strip inside card stock, used tiny punch to punch 2 small holes in upper left corner, threaded $ store yarn through all & tied.
Peace out!


Alice Young said...

Happy holidays to you, Francie! Not sure how I missed the fact that you have a blog, but glad I am finally aware of it... I added it to my links!


Anonymous said...

It is a privilege to be one of the lucky recipients of your special Christmas card, Francie. You have kept up your long tradition of creativity, coming up with something new and different every year. Loved the explanation of your process.