Saturday, February 20, 2010

Marc Kennedy & Kevin Martin rink- my Olympic heroes


Kevin Martin, John Morris, Marc Kennedy, Ben Hebert
Ya!!!! Going for GOLD!!!
Marc Kennedy's the blonde cutie, 2nd from Rt.
OK, if you've followed the blog for a while I previously mentioned my personal connection; I was friends with Marc's mom Connie Leblanc in Jr.High, and had classes throughout jr. & senior high school with Connie & Don Kennedy (he called me metal mouth in Grade 9 when I wore braces which I'm over now so I won't mention it- I was walking down the glassed in slope from the library to class & he was just a couple feet behind. It's oK, I'm over it now. Not the braces tho; wore them from Gr.7-10 & my overbite is back!!! Life is so cruel..if not cruel, expensive!)
Connie & Don were involved in a number of school sports & starting a St.Albert teen club of which curling was a part. I had a chance meeting with Marc in '08 & he was just so friendly & humble, & it was so great to see Connie, ever so graceful, (& Don) after all these years. (And if I were 13 again & walking behind Don & not so insecure, maybe I'd say "hey, Chubbs, not so cute anymore, are ya?" heehee). Thanx Ed.Journal for not suing me for copy & pasting your photo of our Alberta champs.

TOOLS- 1/4" or 3/8" metal Techniquill flat edge pen with Higgins Eternal ink. LETTERING STYLE- Neuland, with pen at 90 degrees. Some strokes double stroked or touched up with a pointed pen nib to create that bit of a curve at the beginnings & endings.

The 'fishtails' on the crossbars of the H, A & flourish of the Y: Created by sliding the nib along & lifting the outside edge of the nib while the inside edge continues trailing on to. Think of a plane taking of as it goes into a turn. You can have a lot of fun with Neuland by lengthening some strokes & touching & bouncing letters.

This was done playing around in a Microsoft Word Doc; there are just SO MANY CHOICES in their WordArt option.

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