Thursday, June 25, 2009

SO I'M A SLACKER...but there's more..

Apologies for not keeping up with the site, but I really do have this most excellent excuse...
We have a new baby!
Impossible at my age, you say? (I'm 55 & 10/12ths.) Not at all!
Our boys are 28 & 30; one lives the next province over, the one most likely to procreate soonest (we hope), is married (6 years, has degree, owns house) lives TWO provinces in the other direction (Honestly? I didn't think we were that BAD at parenting) and a person just can't wait for grandchildren forever. Not this person anyway.

So our new baby is of the 4 legged variety & he joined us 7 weeks ago at the ripe age of 12 weeks. Formerly named Rascal (Uh, uh - why name him something he'll strive to become; that's just wrong). Marv came up with a name he liked on his way home from work, on the same day I picked the same name, and neither of us had heard or seen it before.

BISKIT is part Shih Tzu, part Bichon Frise. Already more well behaved than the boys- this one sleeps through the night! And no diapers! (Or cracked nipples!)

Oops, I almost forgot...this site IS supposed to have something artsy so here's a quickie down below. Notice it's not spelled Biscuit; HOW TO FLOURISH THAT?!...boring. Byskit was a consideration with even greater flourishing possibilities but that just doesn't pronounce well when being read.
Lettering's done with walnut ink & a Pelikan split nib Fountain Pen (pen came in a pkg with 3 sizes of double lines about 20 years ago but they might still be available). And the backgound kinda looks like our floors now, but who gives a crap; we have a NEW SOURCE OF JOY in our lives!

About the pictures-
#1. Rec'd this photo by email while Marv was away 4 the weekend, with the heading "Marv's new puppy". My 1st thought? "I don't THINK so!" Everbody knows we're a pet free house 'cause our 1st born has allergies.
Marv comes home. No puppy. I'm a little disappointed...a lot actually, so we phone the kid & all agree: skrew 'im for moving 2 provinces away! They can stay with friends or family nearby. Puppy arrives 4 days later. Free too, 'cause he's from friends.

#2. I am SO in love! See how I no longer have time to wash my hair, put make-up on, wash clothes (20 yr old sweater), feed Marv...

#3. Puppy's 1st visitors. Val & Morley rush over as soon as they find out. Didn't say boo to us tho. Hmmm. Friends.

#4. Yes he does. Have eyes & legs, that is. 1st haircut @ 4 months @ just 4 times the price of mine. (Really...I pay $10 to a professional hairdresser who works out of her home...don't bother commenting that it looks like it too.) Biskit's strawberry blond? is JUST like son#2's hair...maybe this one will let me try those french braids on him.

#5. For Father's Day Biskit gets Marv a John Deere bandanna. It's actually a pet bandanna, but oh well. Marv's all about J.D. tho and "Nothing runs like a Deere"!

#6. I figured maybe I should do a little calligraphy this month. :)

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