Thursday, January 15, 2009

'Tis Still The Season if our tree's still up

Here are a few more lovely hand-made cards I received from fellow calligraphers.

"A multitude of...happiness" with gold dots accenting the bright red compressed italic was a lovely surprise from Thea Paul, a Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild member from Calgary.

Gail Fournier's beautiful watercolour opens to a quote written in walnut ink in the Uncial style, which looks to be laser printed.
Both of these first 2 cards are from enthusiastic newbies...."young" calligraphers with less than 5 years of lettering behind them.
Exposure to all a guild has to offer...quarterly newsletters, knowledgeable instructors, seeing the lettering & projects of others up close, patience and a willingness to get involved have all made a difference towards the growth of these 2 ladies.

Bev Paranych has a magic touch with her Gocco machine;
she always gets good results from this small silkscreen hand printer. Her tree shaped lettering is framed by triangular cutouts with fine sparkly filligreed material behind. Or is that 2 layers of has raised gold stars. Bev's been doing calligraphy for eons, and it shows in the smooth flow of her lettering. I have yet to figure out how she manages to put the hours it takes into the detailing of her Christmas cards, work 2 jobs outside the home, run a household and renovate, all at the same time.
(Slightly green with envy there.)

Bev gained most of her experience while a member of the
Northern Lights Calligraphers,
P.O. Box 6220.
Fort McMurray,
T9H 4W1

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