Thursday, July 3, 2008

Handmade sketchbook art journal

(OOPS, accidentally deleted this one from a couple years ago trying to minimize labels)

Happy birthday, kiddo!

A personalized sketchbook/writing journal with pens for the boy (son#2) who has everything, or wants to write about it (having everything).

The cover and pages are 17" x22" Krypton Parchment paper, which handles water nicely and folds easily. The cover is deocrated with Walnut Ink (of course), Lanaquarelle crayons, a few globs of instant coffee to ignite ALL the senses. If he ends up on the street he can just add water (... out comes the mother in me). When dry I folded it and decorated the visible center area some more with Derwent Inktense watercolor crayons, letter stencils and FolkArt Metallic Taupe acrylic, my handcarved stamps and Faber-Castell's Artist Pitt pens, which are India Ink and cover arylics nicely. I like that the pens are available as a brush as well as small, medium & bold and in so many earthy colors. I put a piece of sturdy cardboard between the cover layers to create a stiffer surface for drawing. The 2 signatures of 18 pages fold to 7"x5" and are attached with Linen bookbinders thread to a file folder cut to size. The holders for the pens are made from old Macleods fishing line- mulicolored from the factory in my favorite earthy colors & so old it's more like fabric rope than the newer nylon line. I braided it, knotted the loops, sewed them thru a couple layers then added Api's The Ultimate glue for good measure.

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Laurie said...

beautiful francie! I would like to give you a brief reminder of soem "other" birthdays that are coming up...ehem..grin