Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You call this art?

I lied. Ive been telling people the blog is primarily art related...I've been very busy, relating to art, but as far as getting those pics up? Well, this was May; client here,Specialist appointment,Dr appt,Bank appt,Client here,Dr.appt,get 24 hour blood pressure monitor, return monitor(all that out of town),to Edmonton to buy student supplies,bus to Fort Mac to give presentation & teach Kersals (fun!),bus back 5 hours, finish 3 Phenomenal pieces, client here fro pick up-she loves em,hair appt&groceries&laundry during 2 days home, to Edmonton for 3 days of Thomas Hoyer(nice guy)from Germany(!) classes(wow!). Now INTO JUNE:create10 ATC's theme of bLING! for Edmonton Calligraphic Society Social&Silent Auction(lotsa fun)-Thomas Hoyer donated piece gets guild $70 in raffle,Dr. appt next day,visit Sam on the way home (sad...he's 80 & has emphysema;he's optimistic tho),Optomotrist appt-need new glasses (also need reading glasses now in curent frames so WooHoo! new frames!),start exercise with neighbor(Yay)in her basement gym(double yay-climb thru the fence),exercise again,another eye appt,wake up to discover 10calligraphed name place cards are due today(no spares) but forgot so fit in between exercise & another eye appt-write same name twice-wedding in 3 days,new place cards in Edmonton,fake it by cutting piece of card stock same color to fit within gold border,glue it on top, Evie from Cochrane drops by(old ECSfriend-nice),lunch with Evie&Mary(good visit),Father's Day,start card for Marv for FD(not finished but get to use Ruling writer)& Eco liquid watercolors from Hoyer class,chat to kids(always good),Gastroscopy &Botox yesterday(good-get to rest while under, plus 18 hrs no food-getting slimmer) plus Surprise! quick visit with operating room nurse Judy Langner (been 10 years-she used to be ECS member-looks exactly the same) plus visit with sis (before&after dropoff-bout time). Spend ALL of today trying to figure out insurance forms(bad idea-still brain dead). About the Botox-it's free when it's injected into your esophagus-Who's gonna see those wrinkles? Tomorrow I'm posting art pics! after I clean the studio. Oops,just remembered-I'm supposed to write the article on Hoyer's Flourishing (I think) class for the next ECS newsletter (I know). Hope I can read my notes-don't remember a thing but I KNOW I learnt a lot! If you read all this you need to get a life! Be sure to click on the studio photo to get the full effect.

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