Friday, November 9, 2007

Monday presentation YOU"RE INVITED!

& Francie's
night out

Monday, Nov.12 7-9:30
Church of Christ basement
114 St & 61 Ave. Edmonton
On Monday, Nov.12,
Ros & I will be giving a presentation about our trip to Island Magic, the International Calligraphy Conference that was held at Shawnigan Lake School on Vancouver Island this summer, to anyone who is interested (mostly Edmonton Calligraphic society members). There were 320 calligraphers there from 18 countries (I read that somewhere)You would not believe the site...about 300 acres of antique-y looking Hogwarts type buildings, lots of gardens, a couple ponds and even a house for the gnomes! We'll have lots of pics as a slide show; about 20 from the Instructors Exhibit (they're all International Superstars!), a whole wack of exciting pieces that students in our & other classes created (like Christmas candy for the eyes) and of course quite a few pics to help explain the process we went through trying to learn how to
"Develop Expression In Calligraphy".
Oh yeah, we'll even have a few pictures of Denis Brown's work.
And our sheets from the class.

And refreshments!

Hope to see you there! RSVP Ros or I

How to find the Church:If you went straight West on 63 Ave (that's Argyll) instead of following the curve past the School for the Deaf, you'd end up beside the Church, which is on the Avenue, N side of the street.

Check out >class grid
for samples of instructors work & what they taught.

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