Sunday, September 16, 2007

Proclamation to Granddaughters

A recent commission;
On 8x10 Diploma Parchment.
Lettering is Walnut Ink, with watercolor flourishes, touches of gold are a mixture of gouache & Winsor Newton liquid gold.
The color around the border, last to be applied, is chalk pastels brushed against sandpaper over the paper, then rubbed on with cotton balls.
Final piece sprayed with Workable Fixative.

Isn't the idea of it, and the wording just precious?
It was a joy to work on.


Lea Polny said...

Francie you are such a great person, so genuine. Love spending time with you. My head is still in my twenties too, until my body reminds me of my real age. Congratulations on your blog and the recent Grandfather piece. Your work is amazing!
Love, Lea

Laurie Pawlick said...

Great blog toots! Glad to see some one else has gotton the bug too!
Let me know if I can put you on my blog roll K?