Tuesday, May 8, 2007

2 little sisters

My work in progress.
I'm still using up acrylic paints from the class.
A favorite is Luminescense Halo which is still viscous after a few weeks. FW Acrylics seemed to work well but the little samples dried up.
I've had to spray the fabric with workable fixative to prevent bleeding when using Rotring Transparents.
I don't like the results from the folk acrylic craft paints at all; just kind of sits there like a blob.


Lorraine Douglas said...

Hi Francie...it was great to see you at Island Magic and wonderful to visit your blog...I hope you put some things from the conference up for everyone to see!

Anonymous said...

Francie, did you ever finish your piece about you and Sharon? I would love to see it.


fabLetters said...

Oops, it's a year now & it's still on my bulletin board, in a really obvious place, waiting for that final touch. Will let you know when it's done, Val.