Saturday, December 9, 2006

Christmas Card 2006

My card this year was created around the 25' of purple star garland that I picked up last year post-season for pennies. The card stock was a freebie from my favorite (Taylor) Printing shop. Unfortunately the snowflakes weren't cheap.

Step1.I used a pointed pen style lettering (about 20 times to get it right) with Higgins Eternal ink on Paper For Pens. The fun is in getting the letters to bounce with even white spaces within. I gained a lot from taking a 3 dayMike Kecseg pointed pen course this fall.

2.Photocopied on 7"tall by 11"wide card stock (Printer off cuts)

3.Scored & folded in thirds

4.Cut window through top 2 layers

5.Cut & attached 3" star garland with double sided tape above & below window opening

6. Glued strip of lavender text weight paper with inside message, then glued inside front to middle layer to hide the garland edges

7. Used glue dots to attach iridescent star to 1" purple card stock to same size iridescent stock


The Joyful Artist said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you and your boys..

Hugs Cin

p.s. thanks for stopping in the other day, it was a real treat!

Lorraine Douglas said...

Beautiful Card Francie! Nice that you show all the steps....